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For manufacturing low radioactive (low alpha) materials constant control of alpha emission at all stages of production is required. CSC Pure Technologies uses Model 1950 Ultra Low Background Alpha Counting System, USA which allows to test materials with the alpha emission from 0.05 up to 0.001 alpha counts/cm2/h (cph/cm2) and less.

It is known that alpha particles can create failures in chip operation, so-called “soft errors” because they have sufficient energy for penetration and change of the condition of chip transistors. With kind permission of iRoC Technologies company, being the partner of Alpha Sciences Inc. company, we recommend their film “Alpha Particles in semiconductor packaging materials” which clearly shows the mechanism of influence of alpha particles on chip transistors. The experts of CSC Pure Technologies, having the experience of more than 25 years of work with Alpha Counters of Model 1950, have created a convenient instruction that allows to use such counters with the highest accuracy.

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