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About us

 The company CSC Pure Technologies, established in 1994, occupies a leading position in the production of low-alpha materials used in microelectronics.

 High level of scientific and technological capabilities and strong manufacturing base enabled us to develop a unique technology and equipment, and to arrange low alpha lead, tin, lead-tin alloys and Pb free alloys production. Our products are intended for new generation microprocessor and circuit manufacturing.

 CSC Pure Technologies is aimed to meet the client's needs on the modern microelectronics market. We supply our production to the countries of North America, Europe, and Asia.

 ISO certification proves the high level of our production that meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001.

 CSC Pure Technologies is a multipurpose company. We also produce solid-state (transistor) nanosecond pulse sources for copper-vapor lasers.

 We care about environmental protection issues. Our company develops and produces chlorine-metering system "Agate" for the water treatment plants. We manufacture powerful transistor power supplies for water treatment plants ozonizers. We keep on working on our production improvement giving a prompt respond to the market demand.

 The headquarter and all manufacturing capacities are situated in Izhevsk, Russia.


Yuri Tolstukhin

CEO (Director)

CSC Pure Technologies